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Helpful Resources and Links

Below you will find other helpful resources to help you further explore options. After viewing these external links, please return to my page and ask any questions you may have. We can also set-up a consultation to help better meet your needs.


Teepa Snow - Positive Approach to Care

Summit Resilience Training: Jill Lorentz

Out and About Colorado: Mary Archer

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Association - Colorado Chapter

Alzheimer's Society of Canada

Other Resources:


Administration on Aging (DHHS)

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Department of Health and Human Services (main website)

Fisher's Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation

Mayo Clinic's Alzheimer's Disease Center

National Institute on Aging

NIH Senior Health


After viewing one or more of these resources, please return to I Am-Still Here. I am happy to help you find answers. This is not a fair disease and no one can do this alone. 

​Let's Talk!!


If you have questions or concerns, please Iet me know. We can find answers for you!

Support Groups

I can not say it enough: You are not meant nor intended to do this alone. Please reach out to professionals, families, friends ... and .... of course me or resources located here.

What clients and families are saying

Working with Sharon to understand what my husband can do has been empowering for both of us! She gets it and helps me feel like I can do this difficult journey ... for another day.

Mary Anne: Carepartner  ... feeling relieved to not be alone.

What clients and families are saying

I feel lost at times ... but my friends at support group or other social opportunities living with this disease help me feel normal and valued. Please help me stay connected!

Rick: Living with Younger-Onset Alzheimer's disease

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