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I  am ... Still here!!

A dementia diagnosis alters lives drastically. 

Carepartners find themselves in a whirlwind asking what just happened; yet, they seek how to navigate best the reality before them and family. Working together is critical.

  Persons with the diagnosis are stunned as well as their  expectations of the future become filled with questions and limitations.  They need to be heard; their values need to be honored.

My goal is to partner with YOU!! 

Honoring and teaching carepartners and professional caregivers to be completely  present for those living with dementia is my passion and my goal. The carepartners and persons with diagnosis often feel isolated and alone on this journey. There is help for you and your loved one. Together -- we can seek the right pieces of this new puzzle in life that dementia brings.

Carepartners, family and friends

Living with dementia impacts the entire family unit. Please reach out to your local Alzheimer's Association . You will find resources in your community that will be very helpful as this disease progresses. 

As you reflect on and consider the challenges ahead, you may consider adding additional professionals to your care team. Specializing in dementia related issues, I'm here to listen and guide. Please let me know if you have questions, concerns and challenges. You are not alone! Finding the right balance for you is very important! Dealing with this disease is a very careful balancing act!

Persons with dementia

Your life is turned upside down and you're striving to find a new path. You deserve support and the cultivation of your peer networks. Often, this is an early stage support group that you may find with your local Alzheimer's Association. These groups help you connect with peers and validate the many feelings you experience.  Continued interaction and social connections are invaluable! If not a support group, look for social engagement opportunities  -- especially if it involves music!! You can help piece the puzzle together!

A Positive Approach® to Care

Mission for Positive Approach to Care:  "Use our talents and abilities to develop awareness, knowledge and skill with all people that will transform what exists into a more positive dementia care culture." The focus is on cultivating relationships focused on the carepartner being curious, compassionate, authentic and empowering. This applies to family carepartners AND professional carepartners as the disease progresses.

Living with dementia brings many challenges


Living with dementia brings many challenges


Please contact me for a consultation about your specific care situation and challenges.  See contact  page or resource page for additional help. Please remember that you are not alone.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for the upcoming 2018 calendar of classes and support groups!

Classes and Learning Opportunities Available:

*Monthly Support Groups

*Seeing Dementia from the Other Side - 3 part class (each session is 1.5 hours)

*Positive Approach to Care: Teepa Snow (a trademarked program)

*Ambiguous Loss and Anticipatory Grief

Seeing Dementia from the Other Side - Content Focus

Join other carepartners for an interactive learning class focused on the Positive Approach to Care as designed by Teepa Snow. Using these principles, we will learn and share new strategies creating a more positive experience for those living with dementia.

Ambiguous Loss and Anticipatory 

Grief - Content Focus

Dementia is relentless and does not take a timeout. Join other carepartners for an interactive learning opportunity exploring the true sense of loss and grief all touched by dementia experience -- this includes the person with diagnosis. 


This journey is not easy. You are not intended to do this alone. 

You matter! Let's talk!!

© 2018 I Am Still Here 



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